Exploring the Versatility of the Harp at Weddings and in Casinos

When someone thinks of a harp, they might picture a little angel sitting on a cloud. The harp has always been linked to the music that sounds like it came from heaven. But the harp can be used in many ways than many might think. It can be used to make a wide range of moods and atmospheres, from calm and romantic to lively and upbeat. In this blog post, we’ll talk about how the harp can be used in different situations, like weddings and casinos, and how a good harpist can change their style to fit the event.

Classical Harp Music for Weddings and Casinos

Classical harp music has been around since the Middle Ages and has a long and rich history. The harp was often played in royal courts and churches and was seen as a sign of class and sophistication. Classical harp music is still popular at weddings and casinos, where it adds a touch of class and sophistication.

Classical harp music is often played at weddings during the ceremony itself. This makes the atmosphere romantic and dreamy. Classical pieces like Pachelbel’s Canon in D, Bach’s Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring, and Handel’s Water Music Suite are often played on the harp. Simple, beautiful melodies that have stood the test of time are what people love about these classic pieces.

Classical harp music is often used as background music in casinos because it makes the place feel calm and elegant. Depending on the theme and mood of the casino, harpists can play anything from Baroque to Romantic music. Nicanor Zabaleta, Carlos Salzedo, and Marcel Grandjany are all well-known classical harpists who have made important contributions to the classical harp repertoire.

Contemporary Harp Music for Weddings and Casinos

Even though weddings and casinos will always have a place for classical harp music, many harpists today also play modern music. The harp can be used to play pop songs, jazz standards, and even rock music, giving it a unique, up-to-date sound. Modern harp music is very popular at weddings, where the bride and groom may want to play their favorite songs during the ceremony or reception.

Deborah Henson-Conant, Joanna Newsom, and Park Stickney are all well-known modern harpists who have tried out different types and styles of music. Henson-Conant, for example, is known for mixing jazz, blues, and Celtic music, while Newsom’s harp playing is known for her poetic lyrics and unique voice.

Adapting Harp Music to Suit the Occasion

One of the most impressive things about the harp is how many different things it can be used for and how skilled harpists can change how they play depending on the situation. For example, a harpist might play a slow and gentle piece during the ceremony but switch to a more upbeat and lively style during the reception.

Harpists use many different techniques, such as dynamics, rhythm, and tempo, to change the way they play. For example, a harpist might play softer and slower during a romantic moment and then gradually get louder and faster to create a more lively mood. They might also add texture and depth to their playing by using different harp techniques, such as glissandos and arpeggios.

It’s important to think about the overall theme and mood of a wedding or casino when choosing harp music. For weddings, the harpist might work with the couple to choose music that fits their style and tastes and makes the atmosphere romantic and happy. For casinos, the harpist might play more upbeat and lively music to match the excitement and energy of the gaming floor.


The harp is a very flexible instrument that can make various sounds and moods. The harp can play everything from traditional classical pieces to modern pop songs. It can also be played at weddings and casinos. A skilled harpist can change how they play to fit your needs, whether you want a romantic and classy vibe or a lively and upbeat one.

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