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Chanah Ambuter

If It's Magic (Stevie Wonder) Harp Cover

Mehlinda Heartt

Only Time - Enya

My Neighbor Totoro (Performance at Harbour City) HK Harp & Piano Academy

6 Year Old Playing Amazing Grace.

How to replace a pedal rod.

Nanette Felix with the Rockford Symphony March 2012

Close Encounter
with a 14 Year Old
whose resume' would be
the envy of many.
Presenting Sarah Close

Boieldieu Harp Concerto

David Ice
Venus Aria Custom

Camille and Kennerly, Harpist Twins
VENUS Classics

Dr. Lizary Rodriguez

Carol Collum's trip to VENUS Harps to order her harp

Jan Aldridge Clark
Michael Beck
Hip Harp Duo

Anne Morse Hambrock
Custom VENUS Paragon

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"Chicago Revealed"
Interviews Venus President
Walt Krasicki

An interesting and frank interview with the President of Venus Harps/W&W Musical Instrument Company. Find out why Venus Harps are one of the world's finest harps.

The interview can be seen on Chicago cable channels daily at the following times and channels.

9am cable channel 23
6pm and 10pm on cable channel 49
It can also be found on youtube.com