For more than 45 years, Venus Harps has continued to offer a complete range of pedal harps, from student to professional models, sleek designs to highly carved and ornate with prices to accommodate all of your needs.

Venus Harps has been owned and manufactured exclusively in the USA, by the Krasicki family in Chicago since 1971. Our experienced European craftsmen are supervised by the innovative leadership of Walt Krasicki Jr. and use only the finest materials available for each instrument.

Venus Harps are never mass produced and can be stock model and finish or personally customized for each client. Harpists may come to our factory and choose the wood, finish, and any details of decoration for their own special harp. Or they can order via email and phone noting their model, finish, soundboard decorations and highlighting along with other requests we will provide when possible. Thus each harpist owns a unique instrument in the harp world.

Venus Harps staff is dedicated to giving each of our customers personal attention. The result is a special line of harps highly respected around the world.

To find out why a VENUS HARP is the most qualitative harp available on the market for your money: phone, visit our factory, or view our website at www.venusharps.com .

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All Roads Lead to VENUS HARPS

W & W Musical Instrument Co.
VENUS Harps Mfg.
3868 W. Grand Avenue
Chicago, IL 60651
Monday thru Friday

Mapquest image of our location can be found HERE.

From the North:
I-94 South (Edens Expressway) or I294 (North to South Tri State Tollway from Wisconsin) Follows signs to downtown Chicago. Merge with Kennedy Expressway. Keep to the right and exit at Addison (45A). Turn right (West) on Addison and continue to Pulaski Road. Turn Left (South) and continue to Grand Avenue. Turn left (East) on Grand Avenue. Factory is two blocks east of Pulaski on the left side.

From the Northwest:
I-90 East (Northwest Tollway) or I-294 South (Tri-State)
Follow signs to downtown Chicago and the Kennedy Expressway South. Exit at Addison (Exit 45A). Turn right (West) on Addison and continue to Pulaski Road. Turn left (South) and continue to Grand Avenue. Turn left (East) on Grand Avenue. Factory is located two blocks east of Pulaski on the left side.

From the South:
I-57 North/I-94 North/I-90 North (Chicago Skyway)
Follow signs to downtown Chicago, which all turn into the Dan Ryan Expressway (I-90 North). Follow signs to Milwaukee (North), which takes you just west of downtown Chicago. Exit at Augusta Blvd (Exit 49B). Continue west and merge with Grand Avenue. Factory will be on the right side on Grand Avenue.

From The East:
Drive west on North Avenue to Avers Street, turn left (South), travel three blocks and turn right at intersection of Grand Avenue and Avers Avenue. Factory will be on the right side of Grand Avenue.

From the West:
I-88 to I-290 East (Eisenhower Expressway)
Exit at Independence Blvd Exit 26A). Turn left (North) and follow Hamlin Avenue north to Grand Avenue. Turn left (West) and go two blocks. Factory will be on the right side on Grand Avenue.

I-55 North (Stevenson Expressway)
Follow signs to downtown Chicago, exit at _90/I-94 North (To Milwaukee). Exit at Augusta Avenue (Exit 49B). Continue west and merge with Grand Avenue. Factory will be on the right side on Grand Avenue.


ALL NEW VENUS Harps are warranted for a period of five (5) years against defective materials and workmanship. This warranty guarantee extends ONLY to the Titled Owner(s). Repairs covered by this guarantee are free of charge at OUR FACTORY FACILITY, ALL Warranty Repairs must be done at the manufacturing facility; owner assumes all responsibility for all shipping, insurance or other costs to transport the harp to and from the manufacturing factory. If harp is shipped via commercial carrier, all costs are to be prepaid, VENUS harps does not accept COD shipments of incoming harps for repairs, warranty or otherwise. During this warranty period this harp is to be serviced by ONLY VENUS FACTORY Technicians and other personnel. Work performed by un-authorized technicians or other individuals working on the harp while under this warranty will render this warranty NULL and VOID immediately. Any and ALL expenses incurred due to damage resulting from unauthorized individuals working on this harp will be the sole responsibility of the owner. Any and all damage sustained due to direct or indirect negligence is not covered under this warranty. Damages caused by accidents, misuse or abuse of this instrument, or subjection to EXCESSIVE hot or cold temperatures or dry or humid conditions, are not covered under this warranty. VENUS strongly recommends insurance coverage for replacement value of this instrument. The Warranty on all new harps is transferable during the warranty period between the original owner and the secondary owner for a cost of $250.00.  To transfer the warranty please contact the business office with the Name, address, contact info of new owner within 10 working days of the sale. Warranties will not be tranferred without payment and notification within designated time limit.   

Covered warranty repairs DO NOT include strings, felts, tubing, or regulation if needed after repairs.  Warranty does not cover normal replacement and maintenance items such strings, felts, tubing, plastic or rubber parts, harp covers, base covers, column covers or other accessories. Refusal to pay any balances due for harps, accessories, service work, parts, strings, shipping or delivery will result in the voiding of the warranty for original owners or 2nd owners with warranty time left after purchase. There are no exceptions to these warranty terms.

  • Please provide the following contact information:
    Original Owner Name
    Street address
    Address (cont.)
    Zip/Postal code
    Home Phone
    No spaces or dashes please
    Example: 8085551234

  • Please provide the following product information:
    NOTE: VENUS uses NAMES,  NOT numbers, do not use no. 74,75, 76.  Instead use names like Cherub, Encore, Penti, Diplomat, Classic etc.  Check photos here on web site to identify your harp.
    Serial ID number
    NOTE: (ID# is 3,4 or 5 digit number found on action plate under Manufacturers name SEE ABOVE PICTURE)

  • Enter the date of sale to new owner listed below:

    -- mm/dd/yy

  • Sold To:
    Street address
    Address (cont.)
    Zip/Postal code
    Home Phone
    No spaces or dashes please
    Example: 8085551234
    No spaces or dashes please
    Example: 8085551234

Delivery Information

Venus Harps makes deliveries to designated areas in the USA. We will advise prior to completion of your harp if you are in such an area and if an upcoming delivery schedule can include your instrument. Otherwise, harps are shipped via commercial carrier.

Harps are shipped COLLECT to the customer - NO EXCEPTIONS.

Shipping prices very from one region to another in the USA and the prices of commercial carriers are subject to change without notice. Venus Harps uses the same rates as commercial carriers for each region of the country, thus our rates are subject to change as commercial carriers change their rates.

The shipping fee that is in effect at the time when your order is placed cannot be guaranteed and may not be the same upon completion of your harp. We do try to maintain rates whenever possible and ask the commercial carriers to do the same.

International or Outside Continental USA

All instruments delivered outside the continental USA borders are shipped in a heavy packaging container. A minimal packaging fee will be added to the final invoice.

If Venus Harps is arranging shipment via our international carrier, the client must pre-pay all shipping and insurance expenses prior to harp leaving the factory.

If the client chooses to make their own shipping arrangements, the client must assume all delivery and insurance expenses. Written documentation of payment is required prior to harp leaving the factory.

It is the sole responsibility of the client to pay ALL VAT, duty or import taxes - NO EXCEPTIONS.


Financing plans are available to US clients only (sorry, it's the US law) and are available only when purchasing a new Venus Harp.

1. Deposit of 10% minimum
2. Verification of harp model being purchased
3. Signed credit approval form (Available from business office)
4. Copy of your current driver's license or state photo ID (Photo ID must be notarized to verify that photo is of customer)

Length of financing terms can be selected from:
06 - 24 months 9.25%
36 - 84 months 9.99%
96 - 120 months 11.99%

Financing rates are subject to change without notice and vary with the term length you choose.

For more information on financing visit the Financing Page of our site.

Payment Terms

A deposit is required to place your custom made harp into production or to hold finished factory inventory.

- All models require a minimum deposit of 35% of the list price.

- Deposit
- Written order confirmation
- Payment in full must be received upon completion of harp in order for the harp to leave the factory.
- All international orders must pre-pay shipping costs

Accepted Manner of Payment:
- Checks: Personal bank or cashier checks
- Direct Electronic Transfer between banks

ALL WIRE TRANSFERS: Contact the business office

Need to order a harp. Here is an order form you can print. Click on thumbnail for full view.
Order Form

General Terms and Conditions
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.  All showroom inventory is made according to popular models/finishes at that present time.  As hand crafted instruments some colors and style variations may be present since our harps are not mass produced . Orders confirmed in writing with minimum 30% production deposit will ship when completed at confirmed prices regardless of any price increase(s) during production time. Prices do not include the costs of shipping or insurance via commercial carrier, delivery by W&W or any other means of transportation from the manufacturing factory/showroom. W&W makes deliveries only to designated areas of USA, all other areas shipped via commercial carrier and subject to their terms and rates and conditions. ALL shipments are collect to client from factory.
  • NEW HARP PRODUCTION ORDERS/CANCELLATIONS: New harp production orders cancelled during any point of production or after delivery will be subject to a cancellation fee of 30% of the total cost of the harp, with the exception of custom harp finishes and gold harps. Custom harps and gold harps cancelled during production or after delivery will be subject to a cancellation fee of 30% of the total cost of the harp, plus the cost of the specialty finish costs.  Cancellations must be submitted in writing within 5 business days of verbal cancellation. Lesser cancellation fees are at the discretion of W&W/VENUS harps based and harps and circumstances. Cancellation fees will be deducted from production order deposits prior to refunds.
  • ORDER RETURNS OR CANCELLATIONS AFTER SHIPMENT - NON WARRANTY ISSUES - VENUS harps are custom made to clients orders and not mass produced therefore requests to return harps that do not have any type of manufacturing defect will be subject to the same restocking cancellation fees as noted above for new inventory stock harps, production harps, custom orders and High Performance Harps.  Returns must be authorized by VENUS harps and a return order issued.  Shipping/insurance of any returns must be prepaid by client returning the harp, VENUS does not accept COD shipments on any instrument for any reason.
  • CHANGES TO NEW HARP ORDER IN PRODUCTION (INCLUDING CUSTOM HARPS): Any and all changes to production harp orders must occur prior to final carving and sanding or before application of finish in the spray room. Any and all changes must be submitted in writing and must be received within 5 business days of verbal discussion with any VENUS employee noting changes for changes to be honored and made on a timely basis.
  • SPECIALTY FINISHES AND CUSTOM SOUNDBOARDS are available upon request within reason and additional costs will apply based on materials and labor involved. Contact factory for further information and availability. Other conditions may apply. ALL VENUS Harps regardless of size, model and category come with a limited 5 year warranty on original components and workmanship performed at the factory location during production, with exception of the Next Generation High Performance Harps which come with a 7 year warranty. This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or abuse, improper storage or transportation or work of any type performed on harps under warranty by NON VENUS personnel not authorized to do service or cosmetic work on warranty harps. Warranty does NOT cover strings, felts or any rubber or plastic parts on the harp. Warranty does not cover normal wear and usage of harp parts and components.
  • WARRANTY WORK ALL warranty work is to be performed at the manufacturing facility, no exceptions. Cost of transport to and from the factory is the responsibility of the harp's owner and is not a warranty item. Refusal to pay any portion of outstanding balances on harp orders, repairs, accessories, service work, shipping costs etc will result in the voiding of the harp's warranty. 
  • Other terms and conditions may also apply and are not limited to those stated here. 


VENUS Factory & Showroom (Chicago)

1-773-278-4210, 773-278-4238 ASK FOR WALT JR
8AM-2PM Central Standard Time
Monday thru Friday

After hours forwarded to phone answering system in business office. Calls after 4PM CST, weekends or holidays  please leave message. Factory/Showroom phone numbers available for : general company/product information, completed harp stock availability, placing new orders, checking on production delivery time for new order or pending sales production orders, distributor locations, authorized harp road techs, misc orders and requests, visiting factory and showroom.  All email is rec'd ONLY at Business Office location, please contact Business Office regarding any emails sent to Venus Harps.

Business Office (satellite location)

1-847 818-0578  
10AM-6PM CentralStandardTime 

All email requests are received at our Business Office email address sales@venusharps.com. Contact Business Office via email or phone for general information during/after factory and showroom hours, brochure requests, insurance statement requests for harp insurance, harp invoice balances or payments, general client questions or inquiries during or after business hours,  Distributor and Vendor contacts, suppliers questions relating to Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable, new harp order placement, new harp purchases via financing plan. Personnel employment verification and other personnel related inquiries.

NOTE: All Factory Tech Road Regulation trips to be scheduled via Business office either via mail, phone or email.  If via mail, address to general factory address in Chicago, Attn:  Business Office/regulations.

Postal address

W & W Musical Instrument Co.
VENUS Harps Mfg.
3868 W. Grand Avenue
Chicago, IL 60651

(for Business Office, use above address and mark
Attn: Business Office)

E-Mail Address

All inquires or questions to :

For specific individuals please mark to their attention in the Subject line prior to subject title - email will be forwarded to their personal accounts. 

Email for W&W/VENUS employees sent to our business office email address will not be forwarded to employees unless it is business related. Please use their personal email addresses.