Featured VENUS Harpist
Danielle Clark
Venus Classic Concert Harp

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I’m Danielle Clark and am so happy that I’m the proud owner of such a lovely concert harp. The highlight of the last couple of years was the arrival of my Classic, as I have wanted one since I saw one in a symphony as a young child. My harp and my music define me and my life has been that way since I first started playing harp at age 4. My music fills my home and life with grace and beauty and I am grateful to say I’m a harpist.

My 20 years as a harpist has taken me to beautiful cathedrals, many joyous weddings, various concert halls as a symphony member, and has provided me with the opportunity to interact with others who are members of the unique culture shared by musicians. I look forward to the many places and people I will see in my future as I continue my lifelong journey as a harpist. I’m currently a special education teacher by day who lives in rural Washington state and most recently have been creating beautiful music with an accomplished acoustic guitarist, John Ulrich, who is my partner on Cannon in D. My evenings are filled with enchanting music that has provided me with a therapeutic and relaxing outlet for my feelings and emotions for most of my life.

Thank you, artisans and technicians for a harp that’s sound and appearance surpassed my high expectations, to my mother through music and talented harp teacher of many years, Kiaya Treffery, to my grandmother for funding my childhood music lessons and the purchase of my Classic, and to my exceptionally talented musical father whose talents I continue to admire. You’ve provided me with a beautiful addition to my life that provides me with a gift by which I can express myself and touch others hearts and souls with beautiful music.