Concert Model

Hand-carved roses adorn the column of this 46 string crowd pleaser.  Its magnificent beauty is undeniable
and as crowd stopping as its larger version.

46 Strings: Low C to High F
82 lbs. Approx.
Extended Soundboard
72-1/4" High 22-1/2" Wide Soundboard


Harp Specifications: All Venus Harps are hand-crafted which results in a unique harp when completed.  The type and model of harp dictates the style used in production but measurements and weights noted are averages and may vary slightly with each finished instrument.  Hand carving also results in slight differences in the carving design.  Carving designs of many models change slightly over the years due to harpists requests and other variables. Therefore, the models depicted here may or may not be exactly the same as current production.  Specifications and photos shown are listed for visualization and comparison purposes and are not an exact replica of completed instruments.

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